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Old Town (Kildare)

In 1871 as the diggings on the Germansen River were beginning to play out, gold was discovered on Manson Creek by Robert Howell. The community that grew around his discovery was named Howellton after him. Howellton was situated on the eastern bank of Manson Creek at Discovery Bar and became the short lived capital of the area. Manson Creek was founded the same summer on the west side of the creek further upstream at Kildare Gulch. Dunkeld with its small theater was also established on Lost Creek. By 1873 only Manson Creek survived, it had at that time three saloons. We have at present only photos of Manson Creek as it appears that none survived of the other settlements.

Government Office 1871Early Manson Town

The photo on the upper left is the oldest we have. B.C. Archives date it at 1878 but we think it is 1871 as it appears all alone, this could not have been unless it was one of the first buildings built. The photo in the upper right was taken early after Manson was founded. The building in front on the right side is the Government Office building.

Government Office 1901Manson Town 1901

The photo on the upper left was first used as a government office by George Kenny who was Mining Recorder 1879-80. Then on May 1, 1899 it also became Manson Creek's first Post Office. The photo on the right is of Manson with the Government office in the right foreground. Both Photos are dated 1901.

Manson Creek Oct 1913Manson Creek Aug 1913

The photo on the upper left is Manson Creek in Oct 1913. Most buildings now appear abandoned and the workings now are very close to the buildings themselves. In the photo in the upper right (dated Aug 1913) it is evident that the only unworked ground left is where the building sit. The next step would be to burn down the buildings and mine under them. This is how most placer mining towns end. Only the Government Office was spared because it was still in use.

Manson Creek Post Office 2000Manson Creek Post Office 2000-2

The above photos were taken in summer of 2000. From left to right is Glen Gainor, Greg Willick and Bob Gauthier. They repaired, stabilized and put a new roof on the Old Manson Creek (Kildare Gulch) Government Office. This building is in pretty good shape and is the only original building left from the 1871 gold rush.