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Beginning in the late 1800s larger hydraulic mines began to replace the small hand miners, this peaked in the 1930s. To supply these hydraulic mines every stream and lake was utilized.

Dam at Germansen LakeDam at Germansen Lake

On Germansen lake a concrete dam and gates were built as shown above.

Germansen FlumeGermansen Flume pipe

Wooden Flume & GatePipeline #1 pit

Germansen River FlumePipeline #7 pit

The largest of these flume constructions was the 12 miles leading from the Germansen Lake dam to the lower Germansen River. Two flumes traversed the West Germansen River, one on each side. They both crossed the Germansen River (upper right) where they became ditches and finally entered pipes.

Dam & GateSteam Shovel digging Flume

Gates of various forms controlled water flow and a twelve mile telegraph was also built to control the Germansen dam. Most of this construction was done by hand employing thousands of men but some of the ditching was done by steam shovel. (upper right)

Manson Creek ditchline

Near Manson Creek 4 miles of ditch was dug by hand to get water from the upper Manson Creek to where the diggings were.

Flume on Mckorkell claim Germansen RFlume south of Manson Town

All of these ditches and Flumes have long since rotted and fallen, the pipes have been mostly salvaged and reused.