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I have on a voluntary basis gathered in an archive many photos and files having to do with Manson Creek. I would like to make this archive available to the public by providing a link so that any interested may download a copy. If anyone has any material that they feel should be included please send it to and I will do the best I can. This archive is a self extracting zip and is at present 560mbs large.

Manson Creek Historic Archive

Manson Creek Historic Archive 2

A Sturdy Prospector is a story written by J.C Bryant and published in 1904. It is a good read about a prospector from Wales who ended up living in Germansen City for several years. Pardon the poor quality of the scan but this was not done by me and is the only copy I have.

A Sturdy Prospector

Charlie Bloomfield was one of the store keepers in Manson Creek during the 1930's. His store was just across the street and kideecorner from the present Wolf Ridge General Store. He wrote a book about his adventures frieghting and running this early store until he left for World War II. The following is a scan of his original manuscript.

Gold Country




Manson Creek

Wolf Ridge General Store